UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Engineering Business Unit

We provide engineer dispatch and outsourced work services in the construction, civil engineering, M&E, environmental/plant engineering fields.

UT Construction fully supports the needs of the construction industry with its "employee dispatch" and "outsourced work" services. Qualified staff in process, quality and safety management of a variety of construction sites are deployed.

Dispatch of project managers

Performs process, quality and safety management at a variety of construction sites e.g. construction, M&E, civil engineering, plant engineering, etc.

Dispatch of design engineers

Design on drawings using the design tools of clients e.g. construction, M&E, civil engineering, plant engineering, etc.

Technical service sectors

Construction sector We provide services to a wide range of construction projects such as public facilities, industrial facilities, medical facilities, welfare facilities, office buildings, residential complexes, etc. We are committed to providing the most optimal technical support, from planning to construction management, to suit the category and scale of the project.
Our services include construction planning, contracting of design and construction, etc., which are carried out mainly by our highly-experienced construction managers.
M&E sector We provide equipment and electrical support services at construction sites e.g. ventilation facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, sub-stations, weak current instrumentation, electric lighting, electrical outlets and general internal wiring, etc.
Civil engineering sector We provide technical support in a wide range of areas such as roads, water and sewer services, landscape gardening, reclamation, rivers, dams, bridges, harbors, etc. We mainly provide construction managers who are experienced in such fields.
Environmental engineering sector Environmental assessment and specialist engineers conduct survey and analysis of air, water quality and soil and sampling surveys of agricultural chemicals, dioxins, and other substances. They also forecast and evaluate the impact on the surrounding environment and provide technical support for environmental assessment.
Plant engineering sector We provide technical support services related to various types of plant engineering including manufacturing plants in various industries, power plants, environmental facilities and so on. We can also dispatch highly-experienced engineers who cover a wide range of areas from design management to procurement, construction, maintenance and construction management, including process, quality and safety management.

List of business partners

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