UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Housing Business Unit

UT Construction will be pleased to serve you with the construction work of wooden detached housing and all forms of renovation.

UT Construction fully supports the needs of the construction industry with its "worker dispatch" and "outsourced work" services. You can entrust us with the renovation or new construction of your wooden detached home, as we have many experienced and skillful carpenters. All construction work will be carried out by our own specialist carpenters. We also support all forms of construction work concerning the interior/exterior and installation of housing equipment.

Construction example

New construction of wooden houses

  • New construction of wooden houses (majority are constructed using the pre-existing framework method or the 2x4 method)

Renovation of wooden houses

  • Full-scale renovation work based on the renovation specifications
  • Partial extension and structural modifications, interior works, exterior repairs
  • Anti-earthquake reinforcement works

Installation of housing equipment

  • Installation of kitchens, toilets and utility facilities
  • Installation of the latest eco-housing equipment such as solar power panels, geothermal ventilation system, etc.