UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

Creating dynamism with the power of work

Sense of value in "dynamism"

Since its founding, the UT Group has consistently cherished this management philosophy.
And that is to create "dynamism".
We believe that people grow through active work, with the sum total leading to the growth of society.
If a company grows and its corporate value increases, the fruits are shared with the employees and a virtuous cycle of "dynamism" can be created.

Creating "dynamism" with stable employment

The basic in creating a "dynamic" workplace lies in a stable and secure working environment,
"Creating an environment where all employees can work with assurance". A stable employment system is the first promise kept by us.
Currently, customers of the UT Group are expanding throughout the country, creating employment opportunities for young workers to work in a secure environment locally.

Creating "dynamism" with teamwork and training

For people to work actively, it is important for people to be able to grow through work.
Even if you join the company with no experience, you will pick up the relevant skills while working with your team leaders and seniors.
Working as a team with common goals gives rise to a sense of responsibility and breeds a culture and teamwork that allows people to learn from one another and grow together.

Aspiration creates "dynamism"

Valuing the "growth of employees" as the most important goal, the UT Group provides opportunities for employees to enhance their careers both internally and externally.
The "entry system" which allows people to put themselves up as candidates for key positions and posts is also one of these initiatives. In addition, we have initiated the "One UT Project" which allows people to change their jobs or transfer to a group company on their own.
We have also implemented a comprehensive range of training and educational courses to support the development of employees e.g. the "MTM Training" program to development management leadership, and the "Super Manager School" to develop talents to lead the UT Group in which lectures are given by the management of the UT Group.

Sharing accomplishments to create "dynamism"

One of the aims of listing the UT Group (UT Holdings) was to "create a company in which employees can become the lead investors".
Employees are the biggest assets of our business in creating corporate value. It is precisely for this reason that we would like to allow employees take the credit for accomplishments made in raising corporate value. Based on this desire, we have created systems such as "Employee Shareholder Meetings" and "Employee Share Options Plan (ESOP)" to distribute gains in corporate value in a fair manner.
The UT group will take on the challenge of realizing a "dynamic working environment" through "secure and stable employment", "growth and career enhancement" and "an increase in corporate value and distribution of profits".

Action policy of the UT Group

Actions are changed by thoughts. Reality can be changed through actions
An "action policy" is an action system required to achieve goals higher than the current situation. Instead of action policies for individual people, they are also being utilized as organizational policies for system creation and the conduct of daily activities.

  1. 1. We will always be honest.
    We will be honest in our words and deeds and we will treat everyone and everything fairly without concealing the truth.
  2. 2. We will follow rules and keep our promises.
    We will take the right actions and comply with relevant laws and social norms as well as internal rules and commitments.
  3. 3. We value gratitude and compassion.
    We will remain grateful and compassionate towards those around us and work to create a better working environment and human relationships.
  4. 4. We greet each other with smiles.
    We greet each other cheerfully and brightly with a smile and work to foment a forward-looking corporate culture.
  5. 5. We emphasize speedy actions.
    We always practise prompt judgment and action and thoroughly avoid time wasted by remaining conscious of the speed at all times.
  6. 6. We think and act on our own.
    We remain aware of the issues at all times and take action on our own after considering what we can do to contribute.
  7. 7. We will not forget the desire to learn and teach.
    We are constantly committed to learning in order to grow ourselves and the organization.
    At the same time, we take responsibility to teach others with the growth of the organization in mind.
  8. 8. We emphasize teamwork.
    We respect teamwork in order to achieve common goals regardless of the role expected of each individual and we are always aware of the need to demonstrate strength in unity.
  9. 9. We think in terms of numbers.
    We set numerical targets for all our goals, use numerical figures instead of words to understand the situation, and always use numerical figures as the basis for our judgments.
  10. 10. We are committed to growth.
    We set challenging goals and take the responsibility to grow ourselves and the organization by achieving these goals.