UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Builder Agent Service

UT Construction acts as an agent to take care of troublesome administrative procedures and financial matters.

For general contractors and housing manufacturers facing difficulties in filling various positions, we will introduce collaborating partner companies which have an established track record.

[Construction] RC pillar, RC beam, Pre-cast, Cast in-situ pile, Aperture, Inverted construction, Housing
[Railways] Railway superstructure, Railway substructure, Anti-earthquake reinforcement, Subway
[Roads] Tunnel, Submerged caisson, Superstructure, Cast in-situ pile, Box culvert, Superstructure aperture, Bridge pier, Bridge abutment, Cast in-situ diaphragm wall, Wall balustrade, Bridge pier section anti-earthquake reinforcement, Road widening
[Electrical power] Power plant-related construction, Pylon
[Other] Caisson pile, Wave breaker
School (dormitory), School (gymnasium), Government office, Commercial facility, Bridge, Public housing, Other
[Earthworks] Machine excavation, Transport and disposal of construction earth, Backfilling work, Paving, Concrete placement, Ground injection work, General earthworks
[Scaffolding] Steel frame erection, Crane erection, Long span elevator erection, Assembly and disassembly of temporary enclosures, Assembly and disassembly of temporary gates, Heavy scaffolding and smithing works, General temporary works