UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Take your career-advancement opportunities

Even a new hire with no experience can advance his/her career to become an executive officer.
We have programs such as the Entry System and the Career Advancement Program.

It may not be a dream to become an executive office in the second year after you join the company

The UT Group has the industry's first "Entry System" to provide opportunities to take on challenges in a fair manner.
Any employee, even a first-year person, can nominate himself/herself for an on-site manager position.
If you have performed as an on-site manager for more than a year, you can nominate yourself for the position of executive officer.
This means that even a new hire with no experience is eligible to be a candidate for executive officer in the second year after joining the company at minimum.
We are waiting for you to demonstrate your capability with passion and a challenging spirit.

One UT Project to support your career change within the UT Group

After you start working, you may realize what you really want to do.
Our "One UT Project" (One UT) allows you to change your job or transfer to another Group company. We will support you with counseling programs and training at school.
At present, we have two courses: one for construction engineers and another for design and development engineers. Such training courses help you switch to a different job.
This type of career change is only possible at the UT Group. One UT will support our employees who have immense potential.

Providing chances to move to a client company

We also offer a career path to move to a client company, in order to encourage our employees to utilize and enhance their skills.
We promote such opportunities to support the growth of our individual employees.