UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Reasons why UT insists on hiring permanent staff

We have promoted regular employment in order to realize a stable, reliable and “vigorous” working environment.

Regular employment is indispensable for people to work vigorously.

Since its foundation, the UT Group has stuck to "regular permanent employment," as we see the UT Group's reason to exist as "giving workplaces to many people and making them happy."
If your job is insecure, it's difficult to be happy.
If you can believe in tomorrow, you gain the aspiration and motivation to work hard. Growth of employees will then lead to growth of the Group.
This is why "(full-privilege) regular employment" is so important to our employees as well as the UT Group.

Those without experience can also become permanent staff

While the inexperienced may feel insecure about their jobs, UT Construction has a system to impart skills to them.
In UT Construction, workers without experience will start by assisting others. Under the instructions of their seniors, they will take photos of the construction site, assist in taking measurements, and then gradually expand their scope of work starting from the basics. In due time, they will be responsible for managing the schedule, safety and the staff on site to support the progress of the project.
The works undertaken by a major general contractor include a huge variety of construction projects such as mansions, office buildings, tunnels, bridges, dams, and so on. If you join UT Construction, you will be able to get involved in a variety of projects and raise your experience level.
Turn yourself into a true professional while working in an exciting and dynamic environment on iconic projects that will define the landscape in future.

Introduction of the industry's first qualification and training system!

UT Construction has introduced a qualification and training system for workers with no industry experience.
To manage a project in a construction site, qualifications such as the national "engineering construction manager" qualification is required.
However, to someone with no experience in the construction industry, the hurdles to obtaining these qualifications can be high.
In UT Construction, you will be able to sit for the qualification tests in a year and a half. Furthermore, employees of UT Construction can also attend qualification courses for "Class 2 Engineering Construction Management" or "Class 2 Civil Engineering Management" at a partner school. You can choose your school from more than 90 locations nationwide. All course fees will be borne by UT Construction.
Even those without industry experience will be able to obtain the national qualifications in 2-3 years. This is also one of the reasons why your seniors chose UT Construction.
Participating in a project will naturally lead to opportunities to interact with many people. Each and every individual that you encounter in your work will be a true professional. Through your interactions with these people, you will naturally acquire a sense of professionalism and motivation as a worker in this industry.
Therefore, many inexperienced staff have used the company as a stepping board to enhance their careers.

Permanent staff, contract staff, transfer of registration. Choosing your own career

At UT Construction, you can also choose to work as a contract staff.
This is suitable for people who want to work for a specific period only, or those who want to make full use of their own capabilities as a specialist, or those who don't want to be transferred to other working locations.
Depending on the situation and preferences, you may also extend your contract or change to a permanent staff.
A change in registration or a change in position is also similarly welcome at other UT Group companies as well. Some of our employees have been headhunted by major general contractors and other companies as their work was highly recognized.
We at UT Construction support you to achieve your goal. You can choose your own career.