UT Construction Co., Ltd.

Structure to return profit to employees

We are promoting systems to return profit shareholders, such as unique employee shareholding plan and welfare programs.

The Employee Shareholding Plan allows you to receive 10% of the purchase amount as incentive from the company and the ESOP Trust may end up paying you distribution when ESOP Trust ends.

The UT Group has introduced the Employee Shareholding Plan to help employees build assets for a long term.
You can purchase UT Holdings' shares from one unit of 1,000 yen and receive 10% of the amount as incentive from the company.
If you wish, you can additionally join an "Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trust Utilizing Employee Shareholding
Association" (ESOP Trust). In addition to dividends on common stock, you may get distribution when there are ESOP Trust earnings resulting from a rise in stock prices

Using over 20,000 facilities in Japan and overseas at favorable prices

The UT Club Off is part of the welfare services designed to enable employees to have a good time while off work.
You can enjoy using over 20,000 hotels, leisure facilities, shops, restaurants, and various other places at a discount.

Other welfare programs are available

UT Constuctions's employees are eligible to use various services including car insurance discounts, a salary advance plan, special loans and furniture rentals.