UT Construction Co., Ltd.

What does UT Construction do?

UT Construction is a professional group in outsourcing in the construction industry.

UT Construction is a professional group that provides outsourcing work services in the construction industry.

UT Construction provides outsourcing services of construction-related manpower to customers that include major general contractors. The construction market is steadily expanding in Japan, due to an increase in public spending, reconstruction efforts after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, and the construction rush to prepare for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In order to meet such needs, UT Construction was born in 2012 as a way to develop a new core business of the UT Group.

Twin pillars of engineering and housing

UT Construction has the "engineering business" and the "housing business" as twin pillars.
The "engineering business" is to undertake contracting work extending from construction-related survey to design, construction and completion, and support project implementation by dispatching construction engineers to construction and civil engineering sites. They are involved in a variety of construction projects big and small, such as condominiums, public facilities, commercial facilities, office buildings and highways. Many new graduates also work in the "engineering business."
The "housing business" is to dispatch our specialist carpenters in renovation and new construction projects for wooden detached housing.
The "builder agent service" is to take care of administrative procedures, financing, etc. on behalf of the carpenters so that they can concentrate on what they do best. This service has been well received and the number of contracts is increasing.

Contributing to the manufacturing industry in Japan

Although the construction market in Japan had decreased after the collapse of the bubble economy, demand has been recovering in recent years.
The architectural and construction spending in fiscal 2014 amounted to 53.88 trillion yen*, representing 10.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and serving as Japan’s backbone industry together with the automobile industry.
While such a large market exists, the number of construction-related workers has been declining. With its long traditions and advanced technologies, the construction industry needs outstanding personnel who can inherit the skills and further develop the industry.
We at UT Construction contribute to support Japan’s manufacturing by developing manpower in the construction industry.
* Sum of the estimated construction spending (48.47 trillion yen) and the "investment amount for construction renovation and renewal" (excluding duplicated amounts). Source: MILT, General Policy Bureau "2014 Construction Investment Forecast"